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Addiction Recovery

Battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol is difficult. There is a high rate of relapse, and an addict often faces a lifelong struggle with temptation. Studies have shown that the best way to overcome a drug or alcohol problem is with an intensive treatment and strong aftercare program.

It is important to keep in mind that the length and intensity of treatment that is needed may depend on how long a person has been involved in substance abuse and the intensity of use. Because there are so many treatment options, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right program for your situation.

If you or a loved one is battling addiction to alcohol or drugs, Drug Treatment and Rehab Centers (DTRC) can help. Our addiction recovery center offers high-quality treatment for addiction to any type of substance. You can call our Admissions team at (312) 300-6661 to learn more or to enroll yourself or a loved one.

What to Look for in an Addiction Recovery Clinic

When you research treatment options, there are numerous factors about the facility to consider. The staff, the level of care, the disorders treated, the location, and more will all play a role in your decision. You should also investigate whether it is licensed or accredited, and whether staff are appropriately licensed health care professionals.

The most important aspect about a facility is whether it specializes in the problem for which you require treatment. Additionally, the best programs treat the whole individual, rather than offering a cookie cutter approach for a disorder. To reduce the risk of relapse, all underlying and co-occurring conditions must be addressed. Many people with an addiction begin to abuse a substance in order to numb negative emotions and feelings. The relapse rate is high if those underlying feelings are not addressed. An addiction center with a multi-disciplinary staff that offers dual diagnosis treatment is the best option.

What our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program Offers

Drug Treatment and Rehab Centers provides true dual diagnosis treatment. We have a multidisciplinary staff with diverse qualifications and expertise so that we can treat a wide range of problems. We are dually licensed in mental health and addiction treatment.

The programs at our treatment center for alcoholism and drug addiction utilize a biopsychosocial approach. We customize our treatment programs to address the individual holistically, rather than only addressing the disorder. When a person enters our facilities, we perform a thorough assessment that includes a cognitive test, a physical, and a psychometric test. We use these assessments to create an individualized plan to treat all underlying and co-occurring conditions. Our programs include individual and group psychotherapy and complementary alternative therapies such as yoga, meditation, equine therapy, art therapy and music therapy. We also offer nutritional education and exercise programs, which have been shown to complement the treatment of addiction and other behavioral health disorders.

The DTRC Difference

At DTRC, we treat an individual holistically, providing optimal care from head to toe. The programs at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center utilize proven treatment modalities. We teach coping mechanisms and life skills that help a person learn to manage negative emotions and withstand the triggers and temptations that led to the addiction problem. Our patients undergo individual and group psychotherapy with a licensed psychologists, marriage and family therapist, and substance abuse counselor. We also offer all patients a Brain Wellness Program that combines a neurofeedback program and cognitive rehabilitation. Neurofeedback utilizes an EEG test to find any chemical imbalances in the brain. Then, a person undergoes a personalized program that involves playing a game or watching a movie to restore the brain back to its ideal balance. We also use CogTest to assess the cognitive function of a person, which is often damaged by addiction and other mental health disorders. Then, we use Neurobic games, which are specialized video games that increase and restore a person’s cognitive function, to promote healing of the damage caused by the addiction.

We also provide personalized medicine with the aid of a genetic test. Certain genetic markers can help doctors predict a person’s response to pharmacological treatment. This takes some of the guesswork out of prescribing medications, which can help expedite the care and reduce the negative side effects of certain medications.

Continuum of Care and Aftercare

Overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol can be difficult. The best treatment option is intensive treatment with a continuum of care that concludes with a strong aftercare program. The alcohol and drug addiction recovery center at DTRC, we offer different levels of care in our addiction recovery centers. We have residential treatment, the highest level of care, which is when a person resides in our facility and spends all day in intensive treatment. We also have PHP (partial hospitalization program), which is when a person spends all day in intensive treatment but can live at home. We do offer accommodation for our patients who are in PHP. We also have an intensive outpatient program (IOP), which offers 10-12 hours of intense programming a week that can be arranged around a person’s work, school, or other daily schedule. We also have sober living accommodation, which can be combined with IOP. A person can enter our program and go through all levels of care, or they can enter at any level of care that is appropriate to their situation.

We offer a strong aftercare program for our patients, regardless of which level of care they undergo at our substance abuse treatment center. Aftercare is one of the most important parts of addiction recovery treatment. It provides the extra help and support during the early recovery period. Our aftercare treatment offers modules that continue to teach and help with the program, along with case management to provide support during times of temptation. We also have a strong discharge planning team that works with the patient to make any necessary arrangements including plans to continue treatment with a private therapist. When approved by the patient, we will work with their therapist to make the transition seamless.

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Drug Treatment and Rehab Centers offers more than just addiction care. Our drug rehab centers have programs for mental health and dual diagnosis. We accept most major private insurance plans, making us an affordable option. We try our best to develop a financial package that works with your situation. We are Joint Commission accredited. Call our Admissions team today at (312) 300-6661 to learn more.

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