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Chicago man faces drug trafficking charges

Published On: 12-08-2017 in Category: Drug Bust

Chicago man faces drug trafficking charges

Responding to a search warrant, detectives of the Naperville Police Special Operations Group recently raided a house in the 700 block of Lewisburg Lane in Aurora in the western suburbs seizing 23 grams of heroin and 50 grams of crack cocaine estimated at a street value of around $10,000. The police also arrested 37-year-old Eugene Sanders of Chicago’s Southwest Side Ashburn neighborhood on various drug charges.

While investigating a prostitution ring in August 2017, authorities learnt about a heroin and crack cocaine distribution ring in and around the Naperville area in the western suburbs of Chicago city, media reports said. The investigation led to the arrest of Sanders. The police also seized drug paraphernalia, packaging materials and a small amount of cash from the house.

Sanders faces felony charges of possession and distribution of heroin and cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia and attempting to evade authorities. If convicted, he could be sentenced to six to 30 years in prison. According to DuPage County court records, Sanders had engaged in criminal activities in the past in Wheaton, for which he was sentenced to three years in prison in 2010.

Chicago is a hotbed of drug trafficking activities

While Illinois grapples with its own problems of drug-related crime and violence due to the soaring rates of addiction, the Chicago metropolitan area has earned the ill-repute of becoming the nerve center for all drug trafficking and distribution activities in the American Midwest. A study conducted by the University of Chicago Crime Lab revealed that between 2015 and 2016, Chicago experienced 58 percent more homicides and 43 percent more non-fatal shootings, most of them taking place in impoverished ghetto communities in the southern and western suburbs.

Mexican drug cartels are known to ship monumental amounts of cocaine, heroin and crystal meth to places such as Indiana, Wisconsin and other states across the Midwest and the Great Lakes Region through Chicago. The Interstate-290 connecting Milwaukee and other cities in the West is one such popular drug route, which is well-known as the Heroin Highway. Moreover, violent street gangs such as Latin Kings and Satan’s Disciples, which have deep ties with the deadly Sinaloa drug cartel, dominate the retail drug distribution activities across the Chicago metropolitan area. North-bound tractor-trailers, personal vehicles with clandestine compartments or large buses are often used to transport drugs overland. According to authorities, most of the drug-related violence and killings are not a result of inter-cartel rivalries or warfare, rather it is the outcome of deadly turf battles between street gangs in Chicago, who work on behalf of cartels as major distributors of drugs in these areas.

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