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  • Aurora man gets 55 years in prison for killing teen over marijuana

    By: Admin On: 06-08-2018 Category: drugs Comment: 0

    Aurora man gets 55 years in prison for killing teen over marijuana

    A 23-year-old man from Aurora, a suburb of Chicago, was sentenced to 55 years in state prison for killing a teenager of the same city over a small amount of marijuana in November 2015. In March this year, Leon Williams had pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. The prison term, given by a Kane County Circuit […]

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  • Orland Park police seize 113 ecstasy pills, cocaine in undercover bust

    By: Admin On: 11-21-2017 Category: drugs Comment: 0

    Orland Park police seize 113 ecstasy pills cocaine in undercover bust

    Responding to a tip-off, police recently arrested a 29-year-old man from Bridgeview, Cook County, during a covert operation in southwest suburban Orland Park on charges of selling ecstasy pills to people in the neighborhood. Muadh Anan Al-Karmi was taken into custody on Oct. 24, 2017, when he sold about 20 ecstasy pills to an undercover […]

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  • Chicago man arrested for possession of ecstasy candies

    By: Admin On: 09-13-2017 Category: drug abuse, drug overdose, drugs Comment: 0

    Officers of the Peachtree City Police Department (PCPD), Georgia recently arrested a 27-year-old man on charges of possessing candies containing ecstasy. The accused, Devon Hudson of Chicago, was also charged with a city ordinance violation and misdemeanor marijuana possession, media reports said.

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  • 2 Chicago men arrested on charges of drug possession

    By: Admin On: 08-02-2017 Category: Addiction, drug abuse, drugs Comment: 0

    Officers of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) on July 26, 2017, arrested two young African-American men after serving a search warrant in the 13800 block of South Halsted Street in the Riverdale neighborhood. The police arrested 21-year-old Jeffron Allen of the Washington Heights locality and 24-year-old David Taylor of south suburban Riverdale for possessing illegal […]

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  • East Chicago man pleads guilty to narcotics-related charges

    By: Admin On: 09-30-2016 Category: drugs Comment: 0

    Drug trafficking is a serious offense in the United States that keeps law enforcement agencies on their toes in order to keep the country free from the evils of drugs. Despite constant effort to tackle the menace, the issue continues to haunt the country. Even in the city of Chicago, drug peddlers can be found […]

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  • 3 women held with illegal opium, heroin at O’Hare airport

    By: Admin On: 05-26-2016 Category: drugs, heroin Comment: 0

    Three women were arrested at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in May 2016 while trying to smuggle 70 pounds of opium and heroin into the United States. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials found 470 packets of the drugs, concealed in bags of tea leaves stashed inside their luggage. The drugs were worth over […]

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  • Law by Illinois Congressman attempts to make naloxone legal in U.S.

    By: Admin On: 04-07-2016 Category: Addiction, drug overdose, drugs, opioids Comment: 0

    Chicago has been a key point in the illegal drug business of America for quite long. With the city witnessing an increase in drug trafficking and other drug-related crimes over the years, its residents have to face the brunt quite often. In recent past, the murder of a cab driver, Kamil Shamji, at Rogers Park […]

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  • Cocaine trafficking keeps Chicago on tenterhooks

    By: Admin On: 03-30-2016 Category: Cocaine, drugs Comment: 0

    Cocaine abuse is one of the most serious drug problems in Illinois, particularly in Chicago, which is also notorious for cocaine trafficking. Drug trafficking is the most widespread and lucrative organized crime operation in the United States. So, there is nothing unusual if arrests are made anywhere in the state for possessing or trafficking cocaine. […]

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  • Chicago gets high on fentanyl-laced drugs

    By: Admin On: 01-28-2016 Category: drug overdose, drugs, heroin, opioids Comment: 0

    Fentanyl, a painkiller that is believed to be 50 times more powerful than heroin, is gaining popularity among Americans due to its affordability and easy availability. Doctors prescribe fentanyl for severe chronic pain in advanced stage cancer patients. According to a Fox32.com report, Cook County Medical Examiner’s office revealed that a deadly combination of heroin […]

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  • Ecstasy most popular drug among Chicago youth: Reports

    By: Admin On: 01-21-2016 Category: drug abuse, drugs, Recovery Comment: 0

    Ecstasy abuse is growing faster than any other substance abuse in the United States. This “club drug” seems to be very popular among young adults. Recent seizures of ecstasy in Chicago suggest the ever-growing love of the city for ecstasy. According to the Wilmette-Kenilworth Patch, a man from Chicago was arrested at a Shell station […]

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