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Orland Park police seize 113 ecstasy pills, cocaine in undercover bust

Published On: 11-21-2017 in Category: drugs

Orland Park police seize 113 ecstasy pills cocaine in undercover bust

Responding to a tip-off, police recently arrested a 29-year-old man from Bridgeview, Cook County, during a covert operation in southwest suburban Orland Park on charges of selling ecstasy pills to people in the neighborhood. Muadh Anan Al-Karmi was taken into custody on Oct. 24, 2017, when he sold about 20 ecstasy pills to an undercover Orland Park police officer.

According to media reports, a thorough search of Al-Karmi’s car led to the discovery of nearly 113 ecstasy pills, 27 grams of marijuana and cocaine, digital scales and packaging materials. In addition to the drugs, police also seized a stun gun and an expandable baton from the driver’s seat. Al-Karmi was later charged with possession of drugs and an intent to distribute drugs, besides unlawful use of a weapon on a public street. Authorities said that his bail was set at $30,000. Speaking on his behalf, Al-Karmi’s attorney said that his client engaged in drug trafficking simply to support his family.

Studies show that over the years, drug addiction has become a major public health as well as law and order concern across the state of Illinois, with Chicago emerging as an important center for distribution of narcotics. Further, law enforcement authorities attribute Chicago’s open-air drug markets on the city’s West Side to the infamous Sinaloa cartel of Mexico and its kingpin “El Chapo Guzman.” On the contrary, the domestic distribution and sale of illicit drugs are entirely in the grip of multiple street gangs operating in different neighborhoods, which has led to huge spike in violent  crimes. Statistics show a growing trend in the popularity of party drugs like ketamine, ecstasy and GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) among teenagers and young adults in the suburban areas.

Ecstasy is a mind-altering drug

Nicknamed as “Molly” or “MDMA (3, 4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine),” ecstasy is known for its ability to alter the users’ minds and perceptions. The synthetic drug can induce hallucinogen-like effects, leading to an explosion of emotions, euphoria and energy that usually ends in a twisted perception of time and psychological unrest. Moreover, the drug is also capable of triggering sexual hormones, which could push people toward unsafe sex.

In fact, the hallucinatory nature of ecstasy has branded it to be the drug of choice in rave parties across the United States. People addicted to ecstasy swear by the power of the pill to create uncontrollable euphoria, especially in a fun and merry-making environment. Rock stars, rappers, pop singers and several celebrities have admitted using the drug to enhance their mood and prepare themselves before a stage performance.

Battling menace of addiction

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