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Who We Are!

Customized Treatment Plan

At Drug Treatment and Rehab Centers (DTRC), our main focus is the patient’s health and well-being. We customize the treatment programs to the individual patient’s needs and problems.

At the point of admission, we conduct a thorough assessment to find all underlying and co-occurring conditions so that we can create a tailor-made program that treats the individual—not the disorder. By focusing on the person, instead of relying on a cookie cutter approach, we reduce the risk of relapse.

Everything we do, from the first phone call with a potential patient, referral source, loved one, or other involved person to our aftercare program, is focused on the best way to help the patient. That is why we have incorporated customer service initiatives that make the whole process as easy and stress-free as possible. Entering inpatient drug rehab centers and dealing with behavioral health problems is a stressful and difficult time. We feel that the admissions process should not add to that stress.

Customized Treatment

At DTRC, every treatment program, whether for mental health, addiction, or dual diagnosis, is completely customized to the patient. Shortly after entering the program, a patient undergoes a comprehensive cognitive, psychometric, and clinical assessment. This helps the treatment team identify any concurrent or secondary problems that could be contributing to the problem that has prompted a person to enter a treatment facility. The findings from these assessments are used to create a unique training plan for the patient. As a person goes through treatment, if the treatment needs to be tweaked due to discovery of additional problems, the program is altered. There is also reassessment at various points throughout the program to ensure a person is on track and the treatment is working. If it does not appear to be working as effectively as expected, the treatment team will work to try to find a better approach.

Treatment from Head to Toe

Patients undergo individual and group psychotherapy during treatment at our mental health, drug and alcohol rehab centers. Psychotherapy offers a safe place for a patient to express him or herself and get in touch with the inner turmoil that often triggers problems. The group therapy provides an opportunity for patients to discuss their underlying feelings with those who can understand. The group sessions also teach important life skills and coping mechanisms, including healthy ways to handle stress and negative emotions.

The treatment programs at DTRC do not just include therapy and other mental health services for the condition or conditions from which a person suffers. They also include lifestyle skills to help a person discover a new, healthier lifestyle. Patients have an opportunity to engage in exercise, which has been shown to help in the recovery from many different behavioral health problems. Mindfulness activities, such as yoga and meditation, also are incorporated into treatment to help a person learn healthier ways of dealing with stress. Mindfulness activities have also been shown to be helpful activities for treating behavioral health problems. Our programs also offer experiential activities to help a patient engage socially while in a safe and supportive environment.

We also have a Brain Wellness Program. Substance abuse and mental health problems can damage the brain, decreasing cognitive function and harming the delicate chemical balance. We offer brain mapping, which uses neurofeedback technology, to restore the brain’s balance. A person undergoes a quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG), which maps the brainwaves and measures them against the norm. Then, a person plays specialized games that restore the balance in the brain. We also restore cognitive function through a suite of brain games called Neurobic. We utilize CogTest to test a person’s cognitive function, and then they play specialized video games that improve cognitive function.

These program elements combine to provide a holistic, well-balanced approach that treats the patient from head to foot.

Customer Service

Our focus on providing the best care for patients is not just on the clinical side of our mental health and drug rehab center. We also work hard to make sure that we have the best customer service to make the entire process, from admission to discharge, stress-free. We have a concierge who connects with the families to keep them informed, as long as we have permission from the patient. We also have a dedicated case manager for each patient. We have a patient advocate who is an independent employee that is on the patient’s side in case anything happens and works on any problem, small or large, to ensure patient satisfaction. We also have a dedicated person who connects with our referral sources. Our admissions team is experienced in helping people figure out the best treatment option for themselves or their loved ones.

Every element of our company works to ensure the patient has the best overall treatment because our main focus is on the patient’s well-being.

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